Saturday, March 20, 2010

RIP Alex Chilton

I never get very far without a little Big Star. . .

Monday, March 15, 2010

A real long time aGO

Im watching Ed Sullivan's Rock and Roll Classics (excuse me Rock'N'Roll Classics) and I can't help but laugh at Mick Jaggers Red Shirt against a red background

The Rolling Stones - Ed Sullivan 1966 - kewego
The Rolling Stones

Ed Sullivan

13 de Febrero de 1966

(I can´t get no) Satisfaction

Hee hee! I mean it's POSSIBLE that no one told Mick that The Stones would be playing against a solid red background, and someone as well connected as the star of an internationally reknown rock band couldn't get another shirt. . .

But even this terrible combo is so much better than any set on a variety show on TV right now- even in the last twenty years. Yes there is the terrible terrible clip of The Doors playing infront a group of. . . doors- but even that is a million times better than Saturday Night Live's Grand Central Station set week after week.

I think that this is just a small example about how rock really doesn't matter anymore. Its a lot like what has happened to music videos (Andy! I wanted to link to your blog but I couldn't find the one I wanted where you talk about how music videos are just a few clips of the band playing live and some booty shots linked loosely together- read his blog)! Not to bring the party down- but I mean every week Ed Sullivan Show would have a different, sometimes cheesy but always interesting set, taylored for the band being featured that week
Look how sick it looks in this clip of the Animals:

This set for Sly and the Family Stone is like walking into a magic technicolor dream (ps if you watch the whole thing dig on his absolutely fantastic sign off)

And ESPECIALLY Petula Clark singing Downtown- I wish I had a mural of this painted in my house!

I love watching I just feel like our stupid times could deal with a little more glamour. If I want to see a band play infront of a couple of candlabras, I go see them in concert. I can't remember honestly the last time I stayed up late just to see a band play on tv (ok i think it was to see eels on Carson Daily maybe 8 years ago) (although technically I AM up late watching bands on tv right now-its just because I can't sleep)

Ok and just for fun- here is a video of The Beach Boys looking (or sounding) like they could give a fuck about being on tv:

Weirdly awesome this video just came on tv RIGHT now. Word Brian Wilson.