Friday, November 13, 2009

Reflections on Seeing the Pixies to-night

1. The Pixies are awesome
2. Doolittle came out a really long time ago (I was 7)
3. People who like the Pixies are really bad dancers

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

When all words fail she speaks, her mixtapes a masterpiece

I was recently talking to a friend of mine about how I wish there was a way to go back and see every song I had put on every mix tape I had ever made. Not even the love ones! The friendship ones, and especially the angry ones! I am sure it would range from the embarassing to the sublime, I had always fancied myself quite the mixtape master, but even going back and listening to tapes I made for myself cause me to squirm.

This is an awesome website where you can check out the track listing from mixtapes from all different decades, and also all different types of people and look at the "art work" but ALSO listen to them if you so desire. This is the next best thing since the demise of Mixwit !

Monday, November 9, 2009

The Golden Olive

What is the Golden Olive you may be asking yourself? It is nothing related to Tom Robbins magical golden ball, and it's no where near Golden Gardens. The Golden Olive is a wonderful Greek resturant in Wallingford. AND you may be wondering why I am blogging about a resturant. Well the reason is easy-- the Golden Olive is awesome and the owner ordered us to do after our meal!

Truthfully, we didn't even set out to eat at the Golden Olive! We didn't even set out to eat Greek food, we were trying to eat Japanese before a movie. However all the Japanese resturants in Wallingford were packed out or shady and it was pouring down rain and we were on foot-- so my much smarter companion suggested well why don't we just eat Here- which like most great discoveries was the happiest mistake.

We ordered appetizers, and a salad and main plate to share. I was a little nervous when I went in because Greek food is generally not very "veg friendly" and, but the menu had lots of options. Like a ton of options! We had a Spanakopita, Mediterrianian Shrimp Salad and the Pistachio Mushroom Spaghetti. Everything was delicious! The Spanakopita was flaky and light but still filling, and the Pistachio Spaghetti was salty and delicious. But the best was the salad, with fresh tomatos, mozzerella and basil- AND it really made me really appreciate the difference between good basalmic vingar and just regular type I buy at Trader Joes. The dressing was tart but also a little sweet and pinched the glads right between your jaw and your neck.

Also- all the employees were women! And really Greek! At the end of our meal we were thanking our waitress(slash owner maybe?) and she told us very sternly if we do not go on the internet and tell everyone about our dinner The Golden Olive would close. Rather than risk that- here you go! It's not often you get homework with your dinner!

Here is the website right HERE but the website doesn't really do the place justice.

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yo! Ga!

OH! I have finally returned to Hot Yoga (Birkam). It was TOUGH after almost two months off. My goal is to start going at least twice a week- but neither of the studios I like have very easy bus access, and really who wants to ride the bus when you are so so sweaty! Bikram makes your body tempature so high, even a slight change in temperature is uncomfortable. I went for a walk after my most recent class, almost a half hour and a shower later and I was freezing!
Of course my worst pose (or as my yoga mentor JB would say "your least successful part of your practice, and thats why it is a practice Sarah), (but really worst pose) is Locust-- it looks something like this:

My version looks something like this:

I have absolute minimal sucess with this posture. I was looking up ways to improve this posture on a Birkam message board, and I found out that this posture is especially difficult for. . er. . . well endowed women, which is encouraging (aka I am not just a weakling)
I as much as I complain, I really love Bikram Yoga- I feel like it is the first type of excercise that I have tried that works for my body and brain. I know I have the capacity to do it very well, and my sucess depends on what I am willing to bring to each practice, and my ability to go deeply into the practice is a great evaluation of where I am in my life (mentally) at the time.
This is one of my favorite postures, I've never gotten my head to my knee but I can kick out (sometimes) likethe first picture:

Anyway- if you ever want to go (aka give me a ride there) let me know! Yoga is best when it is shared!