Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just 11 hours 42 mins to go!

Yippee! It is almost Halloween! YOu know what that means! THe best TV shows! Free for all Candy! Buckets of fake blood!

I was reading this on Gawker about what your Halloween Costume says about you and it was medium funny but I loved this part:

"We are, after all, grownups, who—as banal and depressing as this may sound—appreciate things like decorum and the fact that tomorrow Bob with the guts spilling out and Sarah with the corn syrup smeared all over her face will be reporting to their cubicles or their classrooms or wherever it is they go about working. "

UMMMMM how did Gawker know?! Did they look at my profile picture! Holy Smokes! Get ready for Scarrrrrrryyy

Monday, October 20, 2008

It's starting to get dark early

Yikes! Things have gotten gray and cold fast in the Northwest, and I have made you a little mix tape to celebrate the gloom. I feel like this selection of songs sum up how I have been feeling lately and I hope you like it!

It Must Be Fall in Seattle

PS I know the first track doesn't work. . . :(

Monday, October 13, 2008

The strangest of nights.

The Rite Aid down town is going out of business- the slowly vacating store was spooky, aisles filled with nothing but off brand cough suppressants and crock pots stacked half-hazardly, followed by aisles empty shelves slightly sagging slightly left. It looked like a supermarket that had been raided post-Zombie apocolypes. Stacks of loose batteries locked under glass where cameras once were and the Tic Tac rack by the checkout re-stocked with adult lubricant. I wasn't sure if I would be jumped or find a secret passage way. Fake Eyelashes, Windcatchers made out of Seashells, organic tooth paste all slashed 20 to 60% from the last marked price. This is just a word to the wise, the head manager of Rite Aid's last gasp was overstocking on every type of Halloween Candy, so if you plan to be home this October 31st you may want to stop there first.

By the time I got out of there, it was raining like a film noir: cold, dark, sideways, the stoplight reflection stretching for blocks. I pulled my hood up splashing six or so blocks only to realize I had no change. I ducked into a coffee shop and bought a light blueberry Yoplait, and was served by the nicest barista I have ever met. If he wasn't fantastically gay, I would have thought he was in love with me. Re-hooded I could see my bus cross the light two blocks away and I ran full tilt, yogurt in one hand, discounted drugstore products swinging from the other, and just made it before it roared away. Someone seated behind me was smoking pot. Off the bus I walked home chased by strange shadows and thoughtful questions from my Ipod "Where Is Pink?"

PS (back to my more comfortable literary voice): HOLY SMOKES Gossip Girl is OUT of CONTROL! The string quartet's cover of Hysteria by Muse at the Yale Party was quite the touch

liquid hot viral vel-vet-(ta)!

WHOA more viral video Act-shun The National covering Velvet Underground- awesome. . .

PS Hey The National, I like you but that is not very good dancing by you. Sorry!

Oh also! I have to stop watching the Sopranos before bed because
A) I am going to get fat because whenever I watch that show I always want to eat Lasagna and despite being a very active girl, no one can have too many late night pasta parties without packing on the pounds like a pachyderm
B) it makes me super violent! No, not really. BUT post Sopranos I always want to punch people as a matter of honor or some nonsense like that especially in my dreams, and I frequently think how much easier business negotitations would be if I was Tony Soprano
C) I have already watch in roughly the last two or three weeks 57-60 hours of the Sopranos. That's too much. It's too much. My eyes are starting to google out. And there is STILL a season and a half to go. I am starting to feel like the Sopranos are people I actually know and relating things on the show to things that are happening/have happend in my life. YIKES!

Sunday, October 12, 2008

"It was such a funny feeling. . . it’s so cold in Alaska"

You should watch this now!

from Berlin: Live at St. Ann's Warehouse, holy smokes wait until the last 30 seconds when Antony Hegarty's vocals kick in

Angels, Knights, and Michael Cera

Did anyone else catch the Saturday Knights on the latest episode of Entourage? That is awesome, and I really couldn't be more happy for them

Speaking of, when did Weezer get good again? I think it must have been about a year ago? Maybe not so much on the records, but they were out of control at the key arena last night, highlights including Suzanne, Say It Ain't So, Jonas, Pink Triangle, a Pink Floyd cover and lots to knee slides and trampoline jumping. Considering their some what disasterous last Key Arena Appearance it was quite the pleasant delight. Another plesant suprise- how great was Angels and Airwaves!? Their stage set up was great, sounded good, good light show including one of the best rock moves I've seen in awhile- turning all the stagelights off (I believe this is called fade to black) and then Tom DeLong danced around with two halogen mini flashlights. Ok it sounds stupid when I type it out- but it was awesome when it happend and hey! Not expensive (compared to the rest of their light show which was very expensive)

And on to less awesome things- who gives a fuck what is on Michael Cera's Ipod? Tiger Beat? And confidentially to Michael Cera-yeah right, Kat Dunnings or whatever your name is- you make me want to puke

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I want to watch the world burn burn burn

I'm just saying, and not bitterly, that most of the smarter/interesting people I know are not terribly successful, or for that matter even that happy. Or for that matter are even happy at all period. It's is this weird goal, unattainable even, that ultimately amounts to. . . ? Extensive knowledge of art, rock, limited edition chuck taylors (all dear topics) is essentially useless past the age of say- 25? And its like- what kind of world have we been preparing for?

I've heard folks talk about the power of smell, and how it is the sense most closely tied to memory. I was in the Body Shop (not to be confused with the place where you take your car, I mean the shop where you buy the lotions). ANYWAY I have been a fan of Body Shop Products, wearing different fragrances by them on and off since I was 18 years old or so- so not quite 10 years but walking through the store, smelling the various smells I have worn -it was disconcerting. It took me right back to that place and that time when that was my personal fragrance- Places, people, good and bad decisions. It is hard to put this feeling into words.


Would you maybe love for this to be your personal library?

I would. Are you kidding me I don't even want this for my personal library- I just want it to be a library that I can go to!

Have you seen this program Mad Men? I (like everyone else apparently) enjoy it very much. I am not even sure why I like it so much, but not least of which is there is a charcter, Joan,who is a total babe but umm thick?! Not fat but stacked! This has been my clothing inspiration all the week OK to be Curvy.

ha ha ha!

Friday, October 3, 2008


RUPERT THE LIL'EST DEER DIED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1!!!1!! He died from being too little

Here is a moving tribute video to help you cope

Tribute To Rupert: It's So Hard To Say Goodbye from Sara Schaefer on Vimeo.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smells like woman, leads like a man

WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!!?! Why is Evening Magazine on instead of The Office? This makes me GROUCH-CHEE

It is not easy being a woman, let me tell you Bob. Watching the VP Debates tonight, I was more than a little torn. I do not personally support the McCain Palin ticket, but I do want Sarah Palin to do well as a woman. It is so frustrating for me to watch coverage of her- about her hair, her beauty pagents when she was in highschool, photoshopping her head on a bikini body, etc etc etc. I will never watch Entertainment Tonight again (a stern vow considering I only have seven channels and one is Telemundo) because they featured an expose on Sarah Palin's dress size. Excuse me?!

Now, this is not to say that Sarah Palin is beyond reproach, certianly she is not! But please be critical on her lack of experience or her views on creationism, not how much her jacket cost. I can not think of a person off hand who's political view is more opposite of my own (short of Elizabeth Hasselback) but part of me wants to see her be sucessful (not too sucessful) but at least compentant, smart and strong to pave the way for the woman who will eventually be right to be president.

On a totally different note are you ready for the cutest fucking thing you will see all day:

Its the worlds smallest deer!! Look how tiny it is! It was just born! Here it is with a beanie baby! It is so little that it can't even keep its eyes open!

YOu can read all about it here