Sunday, October 12, 2008

Angels, Knights, and Michael Cera

Did anyone else catch the Saturday Knights on the latest episode of Entourage? That is awesome, and I really couldn't be more happy for them

Speaking of, when did Weezer get good again? I think it must have been about a year ago? Maybe not so much on the records, but they were out of control at the key arena last night, highlights including Suzanne, Say It Ain't So, Jonas, Pink Triangle, a Pink Floyd cover and lots to knee slides and trampoline jumping. Considering their some what disasterous last Key Arena Appearance it was quite the pleasant delight. Another plesant suprise- how great was Angels and Airwaves!? Their stage set up was great, sounded good, good light show including one of the best rock moves I've seen in awhile- turning all the stagelights off (I believe this is called fade to black) and then Tom DeLong danced around with two halogen mini flashlights. Ok it sounds stupid when I type it out- but it was awesome when it happend and hey! Not expensive (compared to the rest of their light show which was very expensive)

And on to less awesome things- who gives a fuck what is on Michael Cera's Ipod? Tiger Beat? And confidentially to Michael Cera-yeah right, Kat Dunnings or whatever your name is- you make me want to puke

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