Sunday, May 24, 2009

Sasquatch 1.67 Days in

PS Oh man, every person STINKS

Sasquatch 1.5 Days in

Does anyone really care about this event? I mean, obvs the thousands of peeps here and wanting to be here care, but do they care to read the recap? Not least of which my recap? My guess is likely no- but like it or not, indifference or difference




Vince Mira was. . . awesome, so fun, kitch, cool

The Gaslight Anthem was. . . terrible, not the tight band that I saw at the High Dive last month, poor sound

Passion Pit was. . . ok from what I saw. I was distracted by sitting in the shade for most of their set and so I didnt see all of it but it sounded fun and dancey and in response the crowd was fun and dancey

King Khan and The Shrines were. . . it is pretty early in Sasquatch to call this but probably the best of the weekend (fully admiting I have yet to see my most anticipated band of the festival Murder City Devils who may blow this whole sentence out of the water)

Shearwater was. . .boring in passing but they really didn;t get a fair shake of me causually walking by

Animal Collective was. . . good. I really dug their scene for about 25 minutes before I lost interest. They sounded sort of like a water color painting

The Decemberists were. . . so wonderful, although have we come to expect anything different from them at this point? I was lured away about half way through their set by the promise of illicit beers, which honestly make them sound all the better

Viva Voce was. . . beautiful but so dull. I love them and I have seen them bring it in other settings (even other festival settings)

Street Sweeper Social Club was. . . honestly, I had little to no interested in seeing this band, being a lukewarm at best fan of Rage Against the Machine. I was plesantly blown away by how fun and big Tom Morello's side project was. My favorite part, the lead singer (?) declaring "Street Sweeper Social Club is not a band! It's a social club!!" and their cover of MIA introduced "we have a new album coming out, and this song is NOT on it"

The Walkmen were. . . boring, and seemed disinterested in even being here despite their audience best efforts to like them.

The Red Wine Boys. . . were some bullshit in the comedy tent while I was waiting in like for the port-o-pottys and were not funny. However I will say that was probably the most plesant honeybucket experience i have ever had- way to step it up gorge!

Fences was. . .plagued by sound troubles and super fussy about it. That being said they were super pretty sounding, but it is difficult to remain engaged fully in the heat of the day through a set who's most memorable characteristic is a low pitched buzzng noise.

SO that brings us to 4:08 PM on Sunday.
Upcoming is . . . St. Vincent, The Wrens, The Murder City Devils, The Wrens and maybe a little Of Montreal although I would not mind being left the Gorge by then. . .tomorrow. . . The PICA BEATS! The cutest name band in all of rock and also hopefully Blitzen Trapper, GoGol Bordello, Girl Talk and some other little suprises too!

Some other things: Having a blanket has made all the difference! I know I am kind of a baby but bringing a little blanket has made this festival experience great.
Also. . . Wow, what a great, smootly run festival. It it is great the level of care/detail everyone invovled has put into Sasquatch, and how great it has been to work with the staff so far. And I'm sure there will be all kinds of kvetching about the cost of beer/booze/food and honestly it is out of control ($15 margaritia anyone?) BUT I have always been bothered by fellow patrons needs to get wasted. I love to booze but at the same time, that is something I could do anytime.

I had a Southwestern Salad from Wendys last night, and it had beef chili on it but I was so hungry I didn't even care! I had half a shot of Disarono and passed out. Awesome!

From the window I can hear the first few notes of The Builders and the Butchers, and they sound pretty ok.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Continuing F A I L

Dear writers,

Thank you for being so patient during the lengthy process of reading andselecting pantoums and senryu for our upcoming issue of McSweeney'sQuarterly. Unfortunately, we won't be able to include your poetry in ourproject. We received hundreds of submissions and could use only a handful ofthem, which means there are many excellent and wonderful poems that will notbeing going into the issue. That said, thank you for the enthusiasm andenergy you put into your work. It has been a true pleasure reading your poetry.

Sincerely, Graham W________ and Darren F__________
Assistant Editors, McSweeney's Quarterly Concern

Monday, May 4, 2009

I vant to suck yor bloooooddddd


Get ready for a supernerdgasm. Hello nerds, party of one? Your wedgie is ready . . .and you will like it. . .

Snap. Incase you may have forgotten Bram Stoker's Dracula is told in the epistlatory style, aka by a series of letters or diary entries. SOO Somebody (the blog above) is publishing the story in real time (the story starts on May the 3rd) so we can experience the book like the characters do! So neat!!

Sunday, May 3, 2009

A Hostel Witness

Oh Eli Roth! How I love your movies! Let me count the ways.
I watched Hostel Part 2 three times this weekend, the theatrical cut and two of the directors commentaries. It is great. It is so obvious how tenderly and absolutely Roth loves torture porn, how he believes in the genera as a metaphor for the modern condition, and how reverently he tributes the directors who inspire him.
I really liked Hostel, it was gross and fun and was so big but also so thoughtful. And believable (well sort of) and I loved Cabin Fever, which I thought was leggy and smart and it starred Ryder Strong from Boy Meets World. Eli Roth's movies work for me because uses horror as a commentary on our societies larger issues, a conscious cultural document.
Not just that but Hostel Part 2 was beautifully made. A) The lighting was beautiful, B) The set design was perfect C) The cinematography was great D) Every shot was thoughtful and well framed. All of which is rare in successful horror movies (um, have you seen the Saw Movies? Horror-able). It is pretty clear that this is his most expensive movie to date (which I learned later, it was over double the Hostel budget) Also like Cabin Fever, the ending is so twisty and smart! And as he says, it is a feminist picture, unlike most horror films (including lets be honest Hostel), the female characters were intentionally complex
I just love how nerdy he is!! The first commentary track on Hostel Part 2 is with his buddy Quentin Tarantino and they are just like "Oh i love your work" "No I love your work" "We love super obscure directors from the 70s in Italy." THe movie is full of secret jokes, self references and hidden messages to his friends. I'm super nerdy too, so I LOVE that stuff.
Anyway, Hostel Part II is great, and it is my understanding is Hostel 3 is currently in the works. This is awesome news and I can't wait to see

Friday, May 1, 2009

Cleveland Doesn't Rock

I have been begging to go to Cleveland for ever, maybe even before that 30 Rock Episode about how awesome Cleveland is aired ("you're basically a supermodel in Cleveland!). Because going to Cleveland is the ultimate anti-vacation, and all I want to do is drive there and stop at the Corn Palace along the way.

ANYWAY the Cleveland chamber of comerace has released a SECOND Cleveland tourism video, these make me lolumsh (that means laff out loud until my sides h hurt)

bum bum, take a look at both of our buildings. . .

AND NOW they have another one!! ha ha ha

The Daily Plate

Welcome to my new obsession:

It takes a almost no effort and it tracks everything you eat in a day. It has the nutritional information on almost every kind of food imaginable, just type it in, and you can make sure you are eating a healthy balance of nutriants, carbs, protien etc everything! Plus it breaks down your exercise vs your food over time to help you see what you can be doing better (AND what you can cut back on :) to live a healthier life.