Monday, October 13, 2008

The strangest of nights.

The Rite Aid down town is going out of business- the slowly vacating store was spooky, aisles filled with nothing but off brand cough suppressants and crock pots stacked half-hazardly, followed by aisles empty shelves slightly sagging slightly left. It looked like a supermarket that had been raided post-Zombie apocolypes. Stacks of loose batteries locked under glass where cameras once were and the Tic Tac rack by the checkout re-stocked with adult lubricant. I wasn't sure if I would be jumped or find a secret passage way. Fake Eyelashes, Windcatchers made out of Seashells, organic tooth paste all slashed 20 to 60% from the last marked price. This is just a word to the wise, the head manager of Rite Aid's last gasp was overstocking on every type of Halloween Candy, so if you plan to be home this October 31st you may want to stop there first.

By the time I got out of there, it was raining like a film noir: cold, dark, sideways, the stoplight reflection stretching for blocks. I pulled my hood up splashing six or so blocks only to realize I had no change. I ducked into a coffee shop and bought a light blueberry Yoplait, and was served by the nicest barista I have ever met. If he wasn't fantastically gay, I would have thought he was in love with me. Re-hooded I could see my bus cross the light two blocks away and I ran full tilt, yogurt in one hand, discounted drugstore products swinging from the other, and just made it before it roared away. Someone seated behind me was smoking pot. Off the bus I walked home chased by strange shadows and thoughtful questions from my Ipod "Where Is Pink?"

PS (back to my more comfortable literary voice): HOLY SMOKES Gossip Girl is OUT of CONTROL! The string quartet's cover of Hysteria by Muse at the Yale Party was quite the touch

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