Thursday, October 30, 2008

Just 11 hours 42 mins to go!

Yippee! It is almost Halloween! YOu know what that means! THe best TV shows! Free for all Candy! Buckets of fake blood!

I was reading this on Gawker about what your Halloween Costume says about you and it was medium funny but I loved this part:

"We are, after all, grownups, who—as banal and depressing as this may sound—appreciate things like decorum and the fact that tomorrow Bob with the guts spilling out and Sarah with the corn syrup smeared all over her face will be reporting to their cubicles or their classrooms or wherever it is they go about working. "

UMMMMM how did Gawker know?! Did they look at my profile picture! Holy Smokes! Get ready for Scarrrrrrryyy

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