Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Boom Heard Around the I-5 Corridor

It is tough for me to get pulled away from Halloween festivities for any reason, even for my one true love of Rock which I hope helps you understand how pumped I was to see The Sonics reunion show on Friday night. Also, because it was Halloween you will forgive me for being late to the rock show- meaning I missed all of opening band and Tacoma treasure Girl Trouble (except for the last few notes of My Hometown which was being pumped into the ladies rest room over the house PA and sounded great) BUT despite this minor set back the show was everything it should have been, silly, fun and packed with aging alternative fans dancing like. . . well drunk aging alternative fans.

If you don't know about The Sonics, think of them like this- If The Pixies are the "Founders of Alternative" and The Velvet Underground are "The Grandfathers of Alternative," then The Sonics would be like your slightly crazed Great Great Uncle who you only got to meet once when you were really young and then he died and you always kind of regretted being a punky kid and not hanging with him when you had the chance. Only in this scenario the cool Great Uncle/The Sonics weren't dead, He/They were actually just in hiding out in the basement of Bob's Java Jive in Tacoma with his younger German girlfriend- you know the one with the bangs- and popped up out of no where declaring they were playing a one time reunion show at the Paramount on Halloween.

The Sonics sounded great, despite the fact that they have to be in their late sixties- just loud and fuzzy and everything a rock show should be. They were introduced by garage rock superfan Steven Van Zandt who brought such a sense of novelty to the proceedings that even The Sonics wondered aloud about, pointing out twice that hey -"That's the guy from The Sopranos" when he joined them on guitar during Have Love Will Travel.

The worst part of this show was having to explain a million times that I was not going to see the defunct basketball team on Friday night but the True Sonics, who have remained loyal to the North West and hopefully are what the term Sonic will be remember for in regard to Seattle

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