Monday, November 24, 2008

For reals yo, you are lucky to be reading this blog right now as I put my life and the life of my little cat in serious jepoardy (NOT the teen edition). Long story short I started hardboiling some eggs for lunch today and forgot, slept through the night with the stove top on and woke up to a ruined pot filled with charred egg and no water as it all evaporated. It is funny to me because I am so careful I always triple check everything (iron unplugged, space heater off, etc) but last night I faild in my basic ability as an adult.

I understand I have a flare for the dramatic- but sometimes I wonder if a lot of interesting things happen to me or I only impose interest upon otherwise pedestrian.

My downstairs neighbor only listens to classic rock radio and pracitices on electric guitar all day, meaning A) my life is currently soundtracked by pink floyd and B) my floor vibrates along with the guitar solos.

the New Yorker Fiction Podcast (the most recent one) was Shirly Jackson's The Lottery. Do you remember this story? I am sure you read it in high school or at least pretended to read it. As they discussed in the New Yorker Podcast, how everyone has to read it! And the reason for this was so lovely as "it's taught at at time in our lives where we are just waking up to the oddity of things and the terror that is everyday life" (slight paraphrase) as the reader A M Homes pointed out. But what I also forgot was how good the story was, how perfectly Jackson captures the feeling of a slightly nervous group of aquantiences, the slow build of horror to the last line which is perfect. And 1948!

PS if you need to kill 20 minutes and you are nerdy like me about stop motion animation check out this site!

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