Friday, November 21, 2008


NOT to be confused with a Superfight (SUPERFIGHT!)

But I have a lifetime dream of laziness finally established: A room of bed or a bedroom containing one Superbed:

You can see my cat and my computer for a little scale. The picture honestly doesn't do the Superbed justice. It is one full sized bed (my old bed) now with a new queen sized bed next to it, the two beds morphed into one Superbed that takes over my entire bedroom. Best bed ever. To give you some perspective, the bed is about seven feet long and ten feet across. IN other words, we could shoot a Prince music video in my room now. The only bummer is that it is almost impossible to walk around my bedroom anymore and that my sheets don't match (as sheet sizes only go up to King and not Super. So I may A) buy a good used parachute for a comforter or B sew my sheets together into a crazy giant patchwork.
Hey new subject: Who is sick of Twilight? I know this is old news but watching that boy vampire (whatever his name is) shout to underage girls "WHy do you love me? Tell me why?" on the Today Show was a little much.

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