Tuesday, October 7, 2008

I want to watch the world burn burn burn

I'm just saying, and not bitterly, that most of the smarter/interesting people I know are not terribly successful, or for that matter even that happy. Or for that matter are even happy at all period. It's is this weird goal, unattainable even, that ultimately amounts to. . . ? Extensive knowledge of art, rock, limited edition chuck taylors (all dear topics) is essentially useless past the age of say- 25? And its like- what kind of world have we been preparing for?

I've heard folks talk about the power of smell, and how it is the sense most closely tied to memory. I was in the Body Shop (not to be confused with the place where you take your car, I mean the shop where you buy the lotions). ANYWAY I have been a fan of Body Shop Products, wearing different fragrances by them on and off since I was 18 years old or so- so not quite 10 years but walking through the store, smelling the various smells I have worn -it was disconcerting. It took me right back to that place and that time when that was my personal fragrance- Places, people, good and bad decisions. It is hard to put this feeling into words.


Would you maybe love for this to be your personal library?

I would. Are you kidding me I don't even want this for my personal library- I just want it to be a library that I can go to!

Have you seen this program Mad Men? I (like everyone else apparently) enjoy it very much. I am not even sure why I like it so much, but not least of which is there is a charcter, Joan,who is a total babe but umm thick?! Not fat but stacked! This has been my clothing inspiration all the week OK to be Curvy.

ha ha ha!

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