Thursday, October 2, 2008

Smells like woman, leads like a man

WHAT THE FRENCH TOAST!!?! Why is Evening Magazine on instead of The Office? This makes me GROUCH-CHEE

It is not easy being a woman, let me tell you Bob. Watching the VP Debates tonight, I was more than a little torn. I do not personally support the McCain Palin ticket, but I do want Sarah Palin to do well as a woman. It is so frustrating for me to watch coverage of her- about her hair, her beauty pagents when she was in highschool, photoshopping her head on a bikini body, etc etc etc. I will never watch Entertainment Tonight again (a stern vow considering I only have seven channels and one is Telemundo) because they featured an expose on Sarah Palin's dress size. Excuse me?!

Now, this is not to say that Sarah Palin is beyond reproach, certianly she is not! But please be critical on her lack of experience or her views on creationism, not how much her jacket cost. I can not think of a person off hand who's political view is more opposite of my own (short of Elizabeth Hasselback) but part of me wants to see her be sucessful (not too sucessful) but at least compentant, smart and strong to pave the way for the woman who will eventually be right to be president.

On a totally different note are you ready for the cutest fucking thing you will see all day:

Its the worlds smallest deer!! Look how tiny it is! It was just born! Here it is with a beanie baby! It is so little that it can't even keep its eyes open!

YOu can read all about it here

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