Monday, October 13, 2008

liquid hot viral vel-vet-(ta)!

WHOA more viral video Act-shun The National covering Velvet Underground- awesome. . .

PS Hey The National, I like you but that is not very good dancing by you. Sorry!

Oh also! I have to stop watching the Sopranos before bed because
A) I am going to get fat because whenever I watch that show I always want to eat Lasagna and despite being a very active girl, no one can have too many late night pasta parties without packing on the pounds like a pachyderm
B) it makes me super violent! No, not really. BUT post Sopranos I always want to punch people as a matter of honor or some nonsense like that especially in my dreams, and I frequently think how much easier business negotitations would be if I was Tony Soprano
C) I have already watch in roughly the last two or three weeks 57-60 hours of the Sopranos. That's too much. It's too much. My eyes are starting to google out. And there is STILL a season and a half to go. I am starting to feel like the Sopranos are people I actually know and relating things on the show to things that are happening/have happend in my life. YIKES!

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