Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Yo! Ga!

OH! I have finally returned to Hot Yoga (Birkam). It was TOUGH after almost two months off. My goal is to start going at least twice a week- but neither of the studios I like have very easy bus access, and really who wants to ride the bus when you are so so sweaty! Bikram makes your body tempature so high, even a slight change in temperature is uncomfortable. I went for a walk after my most recent class, almost a half hour and a shower later and I was freezing!
Of course my worst pose (or as my yoga mentor JB would say "your least successful part of your practice, and thats why it is a practice Sarah), (but really worst pose) is Locust-- it looks something like this:

My version looks something like this:

I have absolute minimal sucess with this posture. I was looking up ways to improve this posture on a Birkam message board, and I found out that this posture is especially difficult for. . er. . . well endowed women, which is encouraging (aka I am not just a weakling)
I as much as I complain, I really love Bikram Yoga- I feel like it is the first type of excercise that I have tried that works for my body and brain. I know I have the capacity to do it very well, and my sucess depends on what I am willing to bring to each practice, and my ability to go deeply into the practice is a great evaluation of where I am in my life (mentally) at the time.
This is one of my favorite postures, I've never gotten my head to my knee but I can kick out (sometimes) likethe first picture:

Anyway- if you ever want to go (aka give me a ride there) let me know! Yoga is best when it is shared!

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marit said...

girlfriend, yoga is one of the greatest things ever invented on earth.
i love it.

and i would love to see you all sprawled out on the floor with one blue shoe on and one blue shoe off. that's hilarious!

hot yoga makes me faint, i'm so impressed! keep it up!!!