Monday, January 5, 2009

Ann Coulter is acting like a C word

C is for Crazy!

I try to stay apolitical (as a good anarchist) and so I title this without any liberal bias- that being said have you seen this video of Ann Coulter on the Today Show? I mean just watch a little of it:

(full disclaimer: while not passing political judgement I am 100% team today show and had Ann Curry been conducting the interview I would wager that Ms Coulter would have to have her jaw wired shut again. Also for the record I have strong opinions about Ann Coulter politically that I will not disclose but feel free to contact me offline if you are really interested)
SERIOUSLY, are you Five years old Ann? Or worse 14? You are behaving like a rejected highschool student who when backed into a corner only talk louder, clinging and repeating a half-truth. She may be a genius in some regard because I can't stop watching this (in the same way that I can't stop picking at a scab) embarrassment for her washes over me.

I read an interesting article about a woman who's PMS is so severe that her husband of 17 years left her, citing that very fact as the singular reason for his departure. The woman claimed ignorance that anything was out of the ordinary with her until the very moment he left her, received treatment and six months later they are reunited and happier than ever. This story reads almost like a fortune cookie "An action you perceive as normalcy in actuality is devastating for everyone around you"

Unlike this woman I am very conscious of my own inability to contain my gloom, projecting a virtual little black rain cloud of despair. Guess what - I am unapologetic.

Speaking of being emo: This is a real website and I could not be more disappointed that I am only finding it now and NOT ten years ago when I was 16.

This makes my heart soar

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