Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Octopus Doin'-It

The light switch in my bathroom is starting to falter and the other day my shower was plunged into blackness. Naturally I assumed it was someone arrived to kill me and the first thing that popped into my head was “Oh great the last song I am going to hear is this stupid SOS song by pop starlet now best known as a battered woman and when the police investigate the crime scene, one will have to reach over my hacked up body to turn off the shower radio tuned into generic, female-centric pop station. My secret would be out.

Am I the only person who thinks Anna Wintour’s wig is really bad? I feel like we should expect more. . .

It’s finally happened. After literally years of fighting instinct I have started avoiding social events because I am uncomfortable walking around areas of Seattle at night alone. I don’t know if it is because of the recession or simply because I am getting older or what but the heart of downtown, even areas that were once “ok” like the Nordstrom corridor, have become increasingly creepy. I feel like that goat in Jurassic Park.

After seeing the Audyre Sessions Last Sunday night (who were great by the way) I went to get cash out of the ATM and I got this message

Hey, thanks. Now even computers feel free to help me out only when they feel like it.

In other news, Aleistar the cat is (hopefully) in the height of his angst-ridden adolescence and has taken to spending long periods of time starring out the window like a teenage girl.

OH and let me tell you something else. I went to Octopus Week at the Aquarium on Sunday. It was fantastic if not packed (the highlight being able to use the MEMBER entrance and the MEMBER line as I am officially now a card carrying member of the Seattle Aquarium Society). Octopus week serves as a small example of what I love about aquariums. Each year the Aquarium raises a male octopus specifically to make him with their female Octopus on February 14th. They decorate the outside of the tank with hearts and flowers, play romantic music and in an unexpectedly kinky twist, they invite members of the public to come watch. Then on February 15th (and I saw this part!) they release the make Octopus into The Puget Sound (that’s the body of water I’m thinking of, right?) and escort him to an inviting rock pile under the aquarium where a veritable colony of jilted cephalopod lovers has sprung. How fantastic and. The ceremonial Octopus release is great two. They roll him down a long boardwalk in a decorated bucket past throngs of his adoring fans, down a gangplank and then . . . they just dump the bucket into the water SPLOOSH.

I think I am against Twitter, although I am not 100% sure yet.

And what is tumblr? Do I need one of those?

I tried two new foods in the last week, which is something I don’t get to say very often:

And greek yougart with honey

And I am pleased to say I was simply delighted by both!

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