Monday, August 3, 2009

Emo like Brad Pitt

Is it nerdy that I find it comforting and awesome that Brad Pitt and me retreat in the same way when we are upset or sad ? From The Daily Mail:

In recent weeks there have been reports that the two are struggling to keep their relationship on track. Brad is reported to have moved into a separate two-bedroom house from the rented family home he was sharing with Angelina and their six children in Beverly Hills.
A neighbour of his new lodge-style home told Grazia magazine: 'He only moved in quite recently. There have been a couple of nights when we've heard him playing Nick Drake quite loudly.

(though truthfully my lonely mope-ing soundtrack is generally elliott smith, Nick Drake and I have cried it out more than a few times :))

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Jezze said...

Have you seen the interview with Mr. Pitt on the Bill Maher show? Here's the second part:

(Remember how it's always hard to give people the benefit of the doubt and keep in mind that people are more than 2-dimensional? Watching this interview morphed "Brad Pitt" from a 2D cardboard cutout to a person.)