Wednesday, March 18, 2009

This Elvis Perkins Album is so good it makes my face hurt a Blog in two parts

Here are some old blogs that have been siting as drafts waiting to be finished but will probably never be finished:

March 18th, 2009

Over the weekend I watched for the first time in a long-ish time Reality Bites. I love that movie so much. When it first came out I looked up to the characters as these marvolus role models of what "life" was "really like" then when I was the same age as them, I took comfort at chacters who really were just like me, scraping by, confused, dislliusioned etc. Now, as adult-ish it is funny because I realize how much that movie makes fun of those small chacters just as now I would.

I am savagely unplesant today but unapologieticly so. Perhaps it is because I am just now coming to terms with the fact I will never be a hand model. I am greatful however (as you should be) that I don't have the psychic abilities of say Drew Barrymore in "firestarter" or any number of the X-(wo)men because i would be incierating nice folks left and right

March 21st 2009

I realized on my next birthday I will be 27. UNfathomable.

I have had a wonderful kind of day today. Have you been to The Ave lately? It's kind of awesome now. There are all kinds of wonderful stores, including a GoodWill (and if by chance you are reading this Tamar, I DID go to Crossroads but it wasn't nearly as fun this time!) and no one asked me for change, and only one or two people I passed had tattoos on their faces (neither of which I mind, but have been listed as draw backs in popular alternative publications) BUT anyway I have been saying this forever but no one will believe me!

And sorry independent record stores, I really tried to buy this record which I am listening to right now (Ash Wednesday by Elvis Perkins) at you, but I couldn't find it (although I did very much enjoy listening to your employees debating Rhianna vs. Non-Abba Swedish Pop, but alas there was no jar to tip them for this service)

On the bus today a man of questionable domicile began to hiss at the woman sitting across from him. It was clear that his sense of what was "real" in relationship to everyone elses notion had melted in a serious. As I watched the hissing and eventual swearing and menacing glances I wondered if he knew he was "crazy" in the traditional sense and I feel like the answer is no. This makes me wonder: How far could we all be from this "norm", after all we have no reality measuring stick with which we can compare our coordinates

February 28th 2009 If that isn’t the first line of a short short story I am afraid I don’t know what is.

After my friend Brian’s Birthday on Saturday Night, perhaps early Sunday morning I was very hungry and stopped by the gas station near my house to pick up something. When I walked in, the store clerk (a large man with a large beard and a thick accent) greeted me “oH oh! Hello beautiful lady! You are a very beautiful lady” I thanked him and went about my business. While reviewing the options in the frozen burrito department some one tapped me on the shoulder, I spun around frightened. It was the clerk. He handed me a Snickers Bar and kissed my cheek, then wrapped his arms around me exclaiming “Hello Hello pretty lady! It’s is my birthday!” and asked me if I would like a beer. While I share excitement for birthdays all around, I am not a fan of anyone touching me; well basically ever. I pushed him off of me, wished him many happy returns and left

This is one of the best story I have ever heard

Footnote: Cheezy Rice! The spelling in this blog is appalling!

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