Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lets get real

I am facinated by the idea of reality tv, but I am AMAZED at the juggernaut (I wanted to go with Leviathan, but that doesn't seem quite right does it?) it has become. I was just overwhelmed (and inspired!) by this website that organizes open casting calls for "reality tv show." It seems that reality tv participant may in fact be a viable option for a carrer path in the future if not now. Enjoy the appropriately named:


I read any article about a program called "Freedom" that disables the internet from your computer for a certian lenght of time of your choosing from five mins up to eight hours. How delicious. Her article is extremely great, self-reflective, funny and interesting my favorite line being: "I have found exactly how hungry -- and temporarily starved -- I've become for all the instant information I'm so used to having at my fingertips." Bingo


I feel like I am about to go on the best blind date of my life. I have que'ed up a bunch of DVDs and documentaries by Earl Morris who I have never even heard of before Monday but now I am kind of in total love with and I am so nervous his 12 part interview series wont live up to my expectations! After all Roger Ebert has said, "After twenty years of reviewing films, I haven't found another filmmaker who intrigues me more...Errol Morris is like a magician, and as great a filmmaker as Hitchcock or Fellini"

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