Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Maybe I'm the Biggest Loser

Inspired by the near finale Biggest Looser (and by the Buffalo Exchange Earth Day Sale)I made a good faith effort to go through half my clothes and throw away the stuff I don't or wont wear any more. (By throw away I mean donate). It is absolutely devastating for me. I am a very sentimental gal, as you may or may not realize and I put so much identity in the way I dress.

I mean not in a stupid Fashion is Art Top Model sort of way. But I mean in a I project everything I am into my clothes- the outward projection of my inner turmoil. Half of my closet is clothes that are too dear to even wear anymore (I won't get into the gritty details, but going through the shirts and jackets and faded dresses I was happy and sad and wistful, nostalgic to the highest degree, the feeling of the different fabrics so reminiscent of different times of my life.)

BUT anyway two big trash bags later, I am about half way through. It is so hard, I have to make a deal with myself that I A) can keep the clothes for a little while in the bags, to see if I miss them and B) that I don't have to throw the clothes away, I will donate them so they can go live happy second lives with someone else.

Does this make me foolish? Perhaps. But it is hard too, and perhaps it is not so bad to put trust and love into tangible things

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