Tuesday, April 28, 2009

You should have a press pass

It seems more and more often when something out of the ordinary happens (a car crash, a stampede, someone gets naked. . . whatever) they are immediately surrounded by a mob of people with cameras (or cellphones) standing with their shoulders back, arm outstretched to the full length something like this:

All the time! When someone famous walks by, at concerts, when there is a fire, when there is a baby deer. We have created a society of paparazzi but what are we documenting everything for? And why have we removed ourselves by the filter of the camera? We are no longer engaging in tragedy/adventure we are just documenting it. . .like a whole city of Lelaina Pierces.

this whole thing was inspired by the new Matt and Kim video which is awesome which you can check out here but at the end the gal gets thrown to the ground pretty brutally as it is captured by a fat lady with a camera phone

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