Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Worst story Evar

How could anyone be mean to this beautiful face!??!

(I can't find the picture of Aleistar in his Chicken Costume, or I would have posted that!)
According to this very sad article I saw in Jezebel this AM "Reports of deliberate cruelty to black cats rise especially in the weeks around Halloween in Britain"
Listen, Aleistar may be the naughiest cat in the entire world, and he did escape from Witch Mountain on the wings of a bat, but anybody who is mean in thought or action on purpose to black cats is instantly my enemy forever

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marit said...

i think black cats are my favorite animal. maybe next year we should be a clowder of black cats. that's what a group of cats is called. or maybe we should call it blowder, if we're all in black.

can't wait. this year i'm just dressing up as an alien monkey princess. not bad.