Wednesday, October 14, 2009

It's All Gone Peter Tong


This morning I reached up to check in with my little friend- my little Microdermal Anchor and remembered all of the sudden that its GONE. We're going to need more :( . The piercing hasn't been right for awhile and so I had to go back to Slave to the Needle to get it out. (They are awesome there- they removed it for free and were so nice about it. For the record, it was through no fault of my piercer (Josh the piercing ninja- best RECOMMEND RECOMMEND RECOMMEND ) that I had to have it removed- everything he did was perfect. - I was drying my hair on a towel and I made a bad mistake. I thought I could maybe save it but it was no go.)

It was weird to hold my jewelry after it was removed- kind of like when your tooth falls out! I could not believe how small it was (since I could never see it but with mirrors)
I feel incredibly sad at the loss of my piercing. I loved that piercing- it just felt right where it was in my body- like this was how my body should be. I know that I can get it repierced in a few months- but I am not sure what I'm going to do. We had a pretty long run for the placement (9 months) I do know that how I am right now I do not feel complete.

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