Thursday, June 25, 2009

Nothing is Really Free

Sometimes on the internets I read something really great- and in a way it makes me sad because on the internet, although everything will exist for ever at the same time it is all so fleeting and will be gone from our collective unconscious within hours (it’s a METAPHOR!)

Anyway you know one of my favorite blogs ever is Videogum (if you didn’t just look over at that side bar! It is number one on my favorite links) and it is usually snarky and funny and irreverent and etc. But today the boy writer of Videogum had a really great, reflective piece on a comedy show he got to go to free- but it isn’t really about that of course- its an examination of his (our) sense of entitlement and disillusionment and so many other things. And its funny and sad and so close to the EXACT same feelings I have had is similar situations and how much that sucks. And the desire to maybe not be snarky and funny and irreverent all the time but how that is impossible now as an adult, and also the strong desire to share this discomfort with others- but also an understanding of how futile that urge can be. I don't even know who Louis CK IS, but I could insert dozens of other names in there for an identical effect

It’s a little long, but I really recommend reading it-- here is a little taste! (Spoiler!)

. . . And so now you are basically not even enjoying this rare moment with a world-class comedian telling stories off the cuff because you're absorbed in this long-winded, self-absorbed interior monologue you've been having a lot lately about where your life is headed and what you really want and blah blah blah you are so pedestrian, seriously, get over yourself.

READ There Ain't No Such Thing As A Free Louis CK Show

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