Friday, June 26, 2009

I don't know if you heard but Michael Jackson Died . . .

I am remaining neutral on the subject.

I do find it interesting, (I have always found this interesting about the death of celebrities) what pictures different magazines and websites use to 'remember' MJ with. Almost all the tribute photos with the words Michael Jackson 1958-2009 splashed across were pictures of late 20s MJ, about half way through his transformation- like the Pepsi era. As some one who was famous for almost literally his entire life, and especially for someone who changed so dramatically over that much publizied life, how as an editor does one pick the picture that best represents Jackson as a whole?

Some other interesting things that have come to light today:

ONE: Michael Jackson effectivly stopped the internet: That is truly the most amazing thing (yesterday most news and psudo news websites crashed out because of public demand) is a way that was never seen before, not even September 11th. Bizzaro, that this wild nebulous thing "the internet" CAN be stopped, contrary to popular thought. (Which PS China has now effectivly banned google, so the free exchange of information can be stopped any old time the government likes, just keep that in your back pocket)

TWO: MJ left Paul McCartney the Beatles Catalog in his will This makes me very happy

THREE: Stars have taken to twitter or whatever to let us know what we think about all this. This is has always irritated me for some reason

FOUR: Perhaps strangest of all Lou Ferrigno was Michael Jackson's personal trainer?!!

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Anonymous said...

SARAH! It's Jezze. Thanks for the flyer on yer old myspace blog.

The king of pop is dead. Long live the king. (...who's the new king?)

I haven't read all of your goings on yet, but I anticipate doing so over the next few days.

I love your writing, your voice is now truly developed; I can hear you reading the entries to me.

Amanda and I saw Jane's Addiction last month. We miss you so much.

Love, Jezze