Friday, July 24, 2009

The Beautiful Horror

Ok everybody is up in arms about this bike that Damien Hirst constructed for Lance Armstrong that is covered in butterfly wings (actual butterfly wings that apparently he pulled off of living butterflies)

Here are a couple of things about this:

* It is pretty sick but in the best/worst possible way. I have a real framed butterfly in my room (but only one) because I love the idea of being able to catch and hold something light and beautiful and keeping it safe and perfect forever, but at what cost? And what makes us think we are the ones who can make such a decision?

*we carelessly kill animals (and people) everyday for certianly less noble purposes and the only reason this is different is because butterflies are beautiful- and what does this say about our athesetics based society?

*Lance Armstrong- kind of a jerk- no one can deny his accomplishments and his ability to inspire the peeps. still. . .
*Damien Hirst kills stuff all the time for art and i think he is quite good and thought provoking and regardless of what people say I like him very much
*That being said, this work isn't really any of those things, although I find the idea quite interesting. This looks like a little girls bike, the execution just wasn't quite there

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Anonymous said...

IF Damien Hills is the same artist as the one who feature starvation in a museum, then I just think we've got a sicko on our hands. But if it's somebody else, then I think I agree with you pretty much all the way.

Continuing with the sicko situation, I decided the other night that my thirty-five minutes of pleasure was worth more than 6 months of torture toward 2 beings, so I confess to eating a foie gras + kobe beef slider the other night. Worse, it really isn't all that's it's cracked up to be (foie gras was overwhelmed by the kobe, and the kobe texture could have been achieved by equal parts grass fed chuck + clarified butter) and I don't envision myself partaking ever again.