Monday, July 27, 2009

The Future of The Left. . . Or How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Capitol Hill Block Party

So I normally don't like most stuff (by stuff I mean rock festivals everyone else seems to enjoy) but I had an awesomely fun time at the Capitol Hill Block Party this weekend, thanks in no small part to an incredible set by The Future of the Left, your new favorite band. It was so sweaty and fun and loud, it was everything rock should be, and what you want rock to be but never is. All I wanted to do was punch everything, my arms rotating like windmills with fists on the end. Why are other bands allowed to be? I feel like if the government feels permited to regulate things like whether or not I wear a seatbelt that the least they can do is stop shitty rock

It was so hot yesterday there was no choice but to spend the afternoon in a baby pool. It was delightful. Unfortunately I was without a bathing suit, so my male companion was good enough to loan me one of his swim trunks. I don't know how boys do it! Granted, I was also wearing a tank top (it was quite the 19th century swimming costume) and there is a natural (or culturally imposed) impulse to NOT sit in a pool of water fully dressed, but even factoring in that additional confusion- wearing big shorts makes it hard to swim! The extra fabric creates drag in the water and they take so long to dry making me so itchy! Also, the pant legs blow up like a balloon in the water. It is crazy. If I am ever a boy, I am definately going to be a bannana hammock type

Here is me and Don Draper!

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