Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Obesity is expensive

Not for nothing, but if obesity costs the US $147 billion per year in avoidable medical costs doesn't it make sense that those people should be charged more as smokers are? I'm just sayin' its sort of a double standard

From my new favorite site Everything is Terrible

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Jezze said...

I think that's part of why the military requires it's people to maintain a certain body profile; so that they won't have to pay for the health costs associated with obesity. I'm not so sure that I think it so poor a policy, but if a private employer were to institute such a thing, I'd think they'd need to fully fund any weightloss facilities, nutritional counseling, and physical therapists and give people the necessary time to work out. What's worse is that new studies say it's not enough to maintain a BMI<25 and good bone density, but that chronic (inflammatory) diseases may show an uptick for those with BMIs>21.