Sunday, January 10, 2010

Blood Diamonds

Just watched Blood Diamond on TV, I just don't understand why things have to be so bad in the world, there is really no reason for it. It may seems simplistic-- but it really just doesn't make sense to me at all.

I was reading about the Bubonic Plague (like you do) and it got me to thinking how lucky I am to be living now, and if the inevitable other shoe will drop in my lifetime. This made me wonder if in the history of time more people have lived in horrible traumatic times (war, disease, famine) or in relatively normal times like we are in (or at least I am in)now? Is "normal" the exception or the rule. There hasn't been an entire generation of Americans who lived without a major war, and least as far and I can tell. I don't know if it is a post 9-11 syndrome or what, but a lot of times I feel like I am on eggshells

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Jezze said...

Well, after the roman empire fell, a whole lotta people became very suspect of water, since having a wet head in wintertime = pneumonia. Plus there wasn't a whole lotta soap in northern europe; all the beef tallow and pork lard was for eating, and the vegetable oils were from things that grew in warmer climates.
And other helpful implements like towels and rags weren't so plentiful. People only had one set of clothes for an entire fall&winter. They were literally sewn onto the person and rotted away by the Pentecost.

But as far as horrible deaths go - have you heard about diptheria? I thought of mentioning it in response to your hamelin post on disappearing children, but thought it too morbid of a comment for such a light ramble. -- the t-dap vaccine (tetanus, diptheria, polio) that kids get is sooo important.

I thought diptheria and dysentery were the same until 6 weeks ago. Diptheria strikes children harder than adults. It is recognized by a cobwebby thing that forms in a person's throat. It gets thicker and thicker, and covers more of the back of their throat and then grows down into their esosphagus & lungs. People lose their ability to speak, and when they swallow, the food comes out their nose. Death by suffocation shortly follows.

Horrid, huh. Now you know why I didn't want to respond until the proper post came up. Thanks for the opportunity Sarah!