Sunday, January 3, 2010

so this is the new year

Perhaps compelled by some sense of my own mortality, I have enrolled in personal health insurace, and although I suppose I had some sense of how expensive it would be, I got my first bill today and it literally took my breath away. Although they have not sent me my card or any information on my coverage- they have sent me my bill for the first two months (Interestingly enough I didn't get approved for coverage on roughly the 26th day of the first month, so essentially they are charging me for a month of not covering me)

The thing is- the monthly cost isn't that much more than when I was working, but I didn't mind splurging on things like "insurance" when I was making 2/3rds more money (PS COBRA would have charged me three times as much). An irony of the siduation is my coverage doesn't cover the kind of doctors appointments I need (like eye) so by paying for insurance I can no longer afford to get the health care I need.

Also I was so frustrated by the whole siduation I slammed my hand down on my coffee table really hard the jokes on me.

But still it is important and while I am being glib here, I am now safe to break my ankle while walking down the street or slip in the bathroom or get pink eye or any of the other of hundreds of horrifying scenarios that would lead me into crippling debt that I thought about all day every day until now. And I am a person with no dependents. I can't imagine what kind of person would not support universal health care. Or I suppose I just realize that that kind of person has never had to face the choice between buying enough kitty snacks or paying for their monthly premium.

This restructuring of my monthly budget will maybe help me spend less money on junkfood - helping with my New Years Resolution to lose ten pounds. Speaking of resolutions- I am also resolving to write a blog everyday of this year (well every day that is reasonable and that I have access to a computer) so there is that! 2010 will be the year that makes or breaks Lunar Superstar I feel. I will be interested to see what happens!

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