Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Have you tried PopChips? They are so good! Crunchy and salty and almost no calories or fat. I first learned of those from a snackpack on an Airplane (yes the very same airline of Now and Zen cookie fame) I never imagined an airline as my go to guide for cutting edge snacks. But maybe I shouldn't be so suprised, after all Alaska Airlines has the all out hands down best cranberry juice I've ever had. I watch that beveridge cart fondly up and down the entire aisle.

I can't lie, I have been feeling pretty down in the dumps lately. Its the post holiday blahs I think. As nice as it is to be back in my house with my Tunahead, I also miss my family a lot, and I miss having fun stuff to do all the time a lot too! Life should be like Christmas all the time. It doesn't feel like 2010 doesn't have a lot of promise, just feels like another year.

No word yet from the computer store. . . no news is good news?

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