Tuesday, January 5, 2010


No sooner than I vow to try and blog every day- then my computer is struck down by some horrifying "error" and will not start

I am watching Adventureland right now- this movie feels like it could have been so much better. Is it necissary for them to have food continually thrown at them? And they all love the Velvet Underground? But mostly Kristian Stewart is in no way believable as any kind of counter culture icon. Nice Husker Du shirt, chick from Twilight. No person is that cool and that good looking (well, no one except for Andy).

I am really just stalling right now before I go to the computer store. I am dreading the computer store- they are nice enough there but the trip will inevitably cost me A) A Lot of money and B) a lot of stress.

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Anonymous said...

oh no! ... but of course, inquiring minds wonder: how did you post at all?